Wednesday, 2 December 2015

How to improve your job search

Making the most of the resources available to you in your job search
You have spent months looking for your ideal job and seem to be getting nowhere fast.  What is going on?  You have spoken to numerous recruitment agencies and applied for lots of jobs but have had little success.  You just can’t seem to find the right job. 

What more can you do?

Perhaps it is time to review your approach and, in particular, the resources you are using.  There are many resources available but are you using them all? 

Have a look at this list and answer honestly which job search resources you are using:
1.     Job banks – are your receiving email alerts?

2.     LinkedIn

3.     Specialist Interest Groups

4.     Speculative Approaches – approaching potential employers for opportunities

5.     The job vacancy page on the website of targeted employers.

6.     Networking – to open up further contacts

7.     Job advertisements (online and otherwise)

You should be using a balance of all of these resources and ensure you are not simply focusing on the quick options.  Looking for a job does take time and it is important that you take a thorough approach.

If it is all getting too much, perhaps take a break first and start your new approach when feeling refreshed. 

With some organisation, you can do it!

Ensure you are using a variety of resources to assist you in your job search.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How to achieve the best career path for you - Step 3

Creating a plan of action to achieve your new career goal
In my January blog I wrote about how building your self-awareness is the first best step towards identifying a career that suits you and in my September blog I wrote about how, when you have achieved this, it is time to start identifying and exploring different career and job ideas.

One you have progressed through these two steps, it is time to assess the suitability of the different career and job options you have discovered and narrow them down to those that best suit you.  To help you carry out this assessment, continue to talk to people working within the relevant career fields and work out how closely each role matches your skill set and interests.  Evaluate each option and work out the gaps needed to be filled in order to work in each area. 

Once you have narrowed down your options, set your new career goal and create a plan of action to achieve this goal.  Write down when you want to achieve it by and each step you will need to take to get there. 

Your action plan may include investigating sources of vacancies, preparing a CV and making applications where relevant.  You may want to contact recruitment agencies or attend seminars and conferences.  It is also really important to continue talking to relevant people within the career field you have identified - you never know who may open a door for you.  Networking is often the best way to move in to a new role.

You may also want to spend some time researching interview techniques and finding someone to practise with.

Finally, remember to celebrate when you have achieved the best career for you!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How to achieve the best career path for you - step 2

Discovering and exploring career possibilities and ideas
In my January blog, I wrote about how building your self-awareness is the first best step towards identifying a career that suits you.  When you have achieved this, it is time to start identifying and exploring different career and job ideas.
If you haven’t done so already, use the information in my January blog to help you to identify which skills and qualities you would like to take forward and use in your career.   Once you have achieved this, have a think about what these skills and qualities say about you.   Are there any common themes?  What is missing from your current job that you would like to include in your career?
Now think of as many career and job ideas as you can based on your skills, qualities and personality.  Perhaps ask your friends and family for ideas or have a go at answering this question:
  • Which jobs would you like to try out for one week?
Make sure you write down ALL your ideas – even those you may feel are an impossibility….don’t write-off any job or career opportunities at this stage.  Ignore the voices in your head that say ‘you can’t do that job’.  They are only ideas at the moment and with some thought and dedication you may be able to make them a reality. 
Now start investigating the careers you have identified.  Use your contacts to build your knowledge about each idea and contact relevant organisations or companies to find out more. 
At the end of this step, the question you are aiming to answer is:
‘What are the names of jobs and careers that would give me the best chance to use my skills, in a field that is based on my interests?’
Enjoy your investigations!
The third and final step will be to start creating a plan of action to develop your chosen career path and I will be covering this in my next blog.
The more career ideas you investigate, the better you will be at choosing the right career for you.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

What is the one quality every successful person needs?

This is a very short blog post to point you in the direction of a great article written by Jeff Haden which answers this question brilliantly:

The one Crucial Trait All Incredibly Successful People Possess

Click here and read it now.  It will inspire you!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

How to achieve the best career path for you

Building self-awareness to enable the discovery of what you want to do - STEP 1

How do you achieve the best career path when there are so many career and job options available to you?  Where do you start?  How do you find the perfect match? Is this really possible?

The good news is that it is possible, you simply need to take it one step at a time. 

The first step involves building your self-awareness.  This means you need to take time learning about yourself so that you become really clear about the kind of career that would best suit your personality.  You want to be able to imagine your ideal career and what the outcome of finding this will be like for you.

To help you through this first step, here are some questions to think about:

1.       What are you good at?

2.       What activities and work environments enable you to work at your best?

3.       What motivates you?

4.       What knowledge do you have that you would like to use?

Use enjoyable and satisfying past experiences, in both your personal and working life, to help you to answer these questions.  You can then start identifying themes of skills and qualities to enable you to discover what you would like your ideal career to include.

The second step is to start exploring career and job ideas that match your skills and personality and I will be covering this in my next blog.

In the meantime, enjoy spending time focusing on the things you enjoy and are good at!

The more you know yourself, the better you will be at identifying a career that suits you.