Monday, 15 July 2013

Even Wimbledon champions have a team behind them – Who’s on your team?

We all need a team to help us achieve our career ambitions.  Attempting to progress alone will not only increase your work load but cause significant stress.  A team can help strengthen your abilities and accelerate your achievements.

For Andy Murray, winning Wimbledon was one of his major career ambitions but he did not attempt to win it alone.  Throughout his career he carefully built a team around him and he uses this team to support and influence him.  This is the team that helped him to win Wimbledon.
Do you have the right team supporting your career?
To help you identify your team members, first have a look at Andy Murray’s team:

‘Team Murray’

·         Ivan Lendl – coach, ensuring Andy is in top shape and provides him with mental strength.
·         Jez Green – fitness coach, ensuring Murray has the stamina to compete.
·         Dani Vallverdu – assistant coach, tactical analyst and hitting partner.
·         Matt Little – strength and conditioning coach, helping to ensure Murray survives injury-free.
·         Johan de Beer/Andy Ireland – physiotherapist, helping Murray to recover from injury.
·         Louise Irving and Matt Gentry – PR team.


·         Mother – helped Andy to grow as a tennis player
·         Girlfriend – emotional support
·         Father – emotional support

Each member of Andy’s team plays a vital role in providing him with the physical and emotional support required to achieve.  

Now think about how you can form the equivalent team to help build your career.  Here are some ideas:

·         Your family/partner – emotional support
·         Boss – providing guidance and teaching.
·         Colleagues – to build skills and share ideas.
·         Previous boss/colleagues/your outside network – can help when you are ‘stuck in a rut’.
·         Career and Performance Coach – enhancing skills and performance as well as mental strength. 
·         Referees – your PR team.

Start building your team now.  Give yourself a head start and ensure you have the right team to help you achieve your career ambitions.


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