Monday, 25 March 2013

How are we looking after our solicitors?

69% of calls to LawCare due to stress

I have just been reading LawCare’s news for Spring 2013 outlining the statistics for 2012 and felt it was necessary to raise awareness of the number of solicitors calling for help.  

Below is a selection of the statistics outlined:

·         378 case files opened, with 1,206 further calls involving follow up related to these original calls.

·         69% of the calls were due to stress.

·         272 of the callers were able to identify a specific cause for their problem and 28% of these identified the cause to be workload.

·         62% of the callers were female.

·         35% of the callers were trainees or had been qualified for five years of less.

·         62% of the callers were solicitors.

Sad, isn’t it?

I also get a number of calls from solicitors each week who are feeling extremely stressed by their work and seeking help with their career.  It makes you wonder how many more lawyers out there are unhappy at work but have yet to seek help.

My question is:

How are we looking after our solicitors? 

There are so many tools and techniques that can be used to address career and personal development issues and, if these issues are addressed at the earliest opportunity, lawyers can be prevented from running out of coping strategies and becoming increasingly stressed.
I would love to hear how law firms are dealing with this issue as these statistics seem to show that more attention needs to be given to those solicitors who are struggling at work. 

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  1. A great article. This really helps to break down the barriers between law firms and the general public. Law firms often have a somewhat negative press due to the nature of their work, but this is a great step to prove that lawyers and law firms are friendly and approachable.