Monday, 11 March 2013

Create a winning CV NOW!

It’s all about making your CV stand out from the crowd.

It can be difficult drafting a great CV, particularly if you haven’t had the need to use one for a while.      

What’s the best format?  How long should it be? How do I explain a gap in employment? 

There are so many questions to answer and, without proper thought and preparation, it can be easy for these to remain unanswered causing mistakes to be made. 

Here are just 5 of the most common CV mistakes:

1.     Failing to list achievements.

Remember you are not drafting a job specification.  Avoid simply listing the responsibilities for your job.

2.    Being too general. 

If you ‘managed projects’, state how many, what they were and give an example of when you really achieved in managing a project.  Make sure all detail you provide is relevant to the job.

3.    Mentioning why you left a job.

4.    Lying – you will be caught out!

...and the most common mistakes are...

5.     Spelling mistakes and typos. 

Saying you started your current role in 1910 and that you’ve got ‘good attention to derail’ will not impress!   

If you feel you would like some additional help with preparing your CV, I have launched a new CV review service designed specifically to help you.   Not only do we assist in making your CV stand out from the crowd, we also provide a FREE CV template and 20 tips on creating a great CV. To find out more, simply click here!

Make your first impression a good impression.

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