Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The job you really want to do!

Are you an accountant, a lawyer, a teacher, an artist, an engineer, a doctor, an events manager, an officer......?
Whatever you do, how often to you think about the reasons for your chosen career path?
Why do you go to work?   
1.     Money – You need to make a living. 
2.     Habit – You’ve attended school, college or university and now you have a job – that’s what we are meant to do, isn’t it? 
3.     Passion – I love what I do.
Which category best describes the reason for your chosen career?
I am sure many of you reading this chose 1 or 2 but how many of you wished you had chosen number 3, passion.
We all want to fulfil our passion in life for passion is what gives us drive and makes us happy.  It gives us energy to live life to the full.
I have worked with many people who are determined to find their dream career which will fulfil their passion.  It may involve a career change or having a look at career progression and with a bit of determination and work they do achieve their dream job.  This could be you too!
I know it can be challenging so take one step at a time. 
Perhaps the first best step is to change.  This could be through changing your way of thinking or a more practical step such as talking to people about your interests and talents to enable you to begin exploring your career options.
Wouldn’t you love to be able to truthfully say this to people?
‘I love what I do’


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