Friday, 10 August 2012


Helen Glover took up rowing in 2008 and won an Olympic gold medal in 2012!  Not bad for four year’s work!

No doubt you can all recall GB’s first gold medal at these Olympics won by the women’s rowing pair, Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, on day 5.    What excitement!

However, were you as surprised as me to hear that Helen Glover had only started rowing four years ago?  In response, did this inspire you to go out and buy a rowing boat in preparation for Rio 2016?!

Well anything is possible, isn’t it?

You certainly won’t know unless you give it a try....and I don’t mean rowing as perhaps we are not all destined to be rowers but have a think about what you would like to achieve and use these Olympics as your inspiration.

Start looking for different ways of achieving your goal and act on them.  Helen Glover’s mother saw an advertisement in the newspaper asking for ‘tall people’ to take up rowing!    Helen responded, took the opportunity and rose to the challenge with commitment and focus.

Just take a minute to think about what you can achieve in 4 years and go for it!

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