Friday, 24 August 2012

How social media can help your career

When I started my business, I had to embrace social media having been advised that the internet would be a prime location for marketing my business.   However, having only used Linkedin and Facebook on a superficial level and with little knowledge of the workings of Twitter, I had a lot to learn.  I also had a lot to believe.

Could social media really help me to gain business?

Yes it could and I do now gain business from social media.

In a similar way, social media can also help to progress your career.  It can enhance your job search and help you find the job you want, particularly as recruiters are increasingly using social media to find potential employees.

As I use social media to market, develop and progress my business, you too can use it to market yourself and develop your career.  It is a great way to keep in touch with the world and network within professions of interest to you.

Below is a brief description of how Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter can help your career...


Linkedin is a professional network used for networking, job searches and connecting with relevant businesses and interest groups.  To start, you need to create a professional profile detailing information about your skills and experiences.  It look likes an online CV.

Once you have completed your profile, start connecting with people you know.  Use your connections to help you – you never know who other people know.   It is also a great way of finding out about jobs, especially if you are considering a career change.

You can adjust your visibility settings to enable recruiters and employers to find you.


If you use Facebook on a personal level ensure your privacy settings are adjusted so that only the people you trust can see the information.  The last thing you want is for a prospective employer to see an embarrassing photo of you on Facebook.  Keep business and pleasure separate.

If you are setting up your own business, you can set up a business page on Facebook.  This should be separate to your personal profile.


Twitter is used to receive instant updates from your friends, industry experts and celebrities and to find out about what’s happening around the world.  It can be used in conjunction with Linkedin and can help you to market yourself and build connections to enhance your job search.

Again, remember to keep business and pleasure separate.  Using a Twitter account to enhance your job search should not be used for personal communications. If you want to use twitter for personal use, ensure you set up a separate account.

As a final thought, it is important to note that social media should not be used in isolation to get the job you want.  Continue using traditional job finding methods, such as creating a CV, making speculative applications, responding to job advertisements and using recruitment consultants, alongside building your online presence.  This will give you the best chance of building a successful career.


  1. Social networking can be an integral part of your job search or career building - if you use it correctly. If you don't, even information you consider private like a photo posted on Facebook or a random comment on Twitter, could cost you your job and unexpectedly damage your career.

    1. Yes, I definitely agree with you there. I have heard a few stories of bosses seeing inappropriate photos of their employees on facebook. It's not worth the risk.

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    1. Marketing is really important in all aspects of someone's career. It's a great skill to learn.

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