Monday, 5 December 2011

How to reduce your stress levels in 2012

Now Christmas is approaching, have a think about how 2011 has been for you.

Has work been stressful?

Have you been worried about something?

How many times have you apologised to someone for not contacting them sooner because you have been too busy?

We commonly lead very busy lives.  We are always rushing around, travelling and working.  We are also overwhelmed by technology spending a large amount of time checking phones, updating our lives on Facebook, following twitter or searching for answers on the internet.  It seems that every minute of every day is taken up by some form of activity. 

When do you find time to relax?

Looking back over 2011 was relaxation ever part of your life or did you find that there were not enough hours in the day?

Failing to find time to relax each day can increase stress.  Yes, a little amount of stress can be good and help maintain motivation.  However, too much of it can lead to poor performance at work as well as have a negative effect on your life out of work, particularly on your health. 

This is not a cheery thought as we approach Christmas, so perhaps use the Christmas break as an opportunity to build relaxation into your day so that it can become part of your life in 2012.  Think of all the benefits of building just 15 minutes into your day to relax.  Just to name a few - you will have more energy, better health and control of your emotions.   You will also be more efficient at everything you do and may then develop an even better work-life balance.  Is there anything to lose?

Sometimes we can’t control the busy nature of everyday life but you can control your time for relaxation.