Monday, 24 October 2011

The portfolio career – a career change option

Imagine a career that you can actively control and combines your skills and interests.....

Now think of everything you want from life:  

-       A fulfilling and enjoyable career path

-       An exciting career change

-       Control of your working hours

-       Fulfilling relationships with friends and family

-       Time for volunteering and pursuing interests and hobbies

-       A work-life balance

Is it possible for you to achieve all of this?  Would you like it to be possible?  How can you make it possible?

You may find the solution in the creation of the increasingly popular portfolio career.

A portfolio career may be the answer

A portfolio career consists of a variety of jobs including self-employment, fixed-term contracts, part-time jobs and freelancing.  It can offer career flexibility and variety enabling you to maintain more control over your career allowing you to fulfil the work-life balance you want.

An example is a marketing expert who has two part-time jobs.  One of her jobs is working for a big corporate company and the other is teaching at a local university.   She also spends time working in a self employed capacity providing marketing advice to SMEs.   Furthermore, she is a charity trustee and governor of a local school.

Is this sounding like an attractive option for you?

As with all decisions you make, you will need to look at the benefits as well as the challenges in pursuing a portfolio career.   For example, there will be an element of risk-taking involved as well as a requirement for self marketing and networking.  You will be taking sole responsibility for your career - you won't have a boss to fall back on.  On the other hand, you will gain some freedom in being able to control how you live your life and different career options can open up for you.

If you believe you may be suited to a portfolio career, start reviewing your career history and past experiences.  Then decide what you would like to achieve in your career and what interests and skills you would like to be using.  Be organised in your approach and start networking to find out if a portfolio career is the right option for you and how it can be achieved.

As you move forward in your investigations, remind yourself of this quote - it may help!

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. (T.S. Eliot)

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