Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Is there more to life than your career?

At a wedding I attended a while ago, I started chatting to a lady during the reception.  Having introduced myself to her, I asked:

‘What do you do?’ 

She looked slightly embarrassed and said that she didn't do anything.

Baffled by her response, I continued chatting with her and through our conversation I discovered that she of course did do something.  She was a mother of two children, a housewife, volunteered a lot of her time to her local community and enjoyed walking.  She did a lot of things.  However, none of these things were associated with a defined job or career which in her mind meant she did nothing.    

How would you answer this question?

Do you also feel your answer should be related to your career or job?  Many of us do, don’t we?  We commonly define who we are by what we do in our working lives but what about all the other aspects of our lives?

Are you a parent, a sibling or a friend?  Do you volunteer your time?  Do you have a hobby? 

Have a think about what you do in your personal life.  What else defines your identity?  Think about all the different roles you have and now answer this question again:

 ‘What do you do?’ 

I am sure your answer has now expanded a little and it may have even prompted you to think more about your work-life balance which is an area often considered during career coaching.  What you do does not have to be limited to your career.  There are many other roles you have that can be just as important in defining who you are and what you do.

For more help on achieving a good work-life balance have a read of my fact sheet here.

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  1. As you say Tessa, I think really homing in on our true identity is totally central to finding peace and happiness in life. Nice post, and factsheet, thank you, Angela