Monday, 20 June 2011

How will I know when it’s the right time to change career?

Jack didn’t know what to do.  He had been thinking about a change career for 2 years but could not find the perfect job.  Although he had found an area that he was really interested in, he said he lacked certainty that this career change was the right decision for him and so it was too risky to change direction at this time.

How will Jack know for certain that this career change is the right decision for him? 

Making the decision to take the plunge and change career can be daunting.  It is a difficult decision to make.  In an ideal world, the decision making process would be black and white, yet there are many factors to consider that simply get in the way such as:

-       Fear of failure
-       Believing you have no idea what to do  (although, we normally do have an idea and it is the fear of failure that prevents us from admitting it)
-       Parental expectations
-       Resisting change
-       Status and money
-       Waiting for someone else’s approval

Most of us are experts in resisting change and will delay decision making.  We think of all the reasons for not doing something.  Ultimately, the decision has to be perfect and so we will wait for that perfect moment....and wait.....and wait a bit more....

Is life really that straightforward? 

Is absolute certainty possible to achieve?

Unfortunately, life is not straightforward and often if we wait for certainty we are unlikely to ever make a decision regarding our career.   This is why Jack was waiting...and waiting...and waiting a bit more..... In fact, he waited for so long that his pending career change took over his thoughts and made his life stressful.

Jack now had two options:

1.     To continue mulling over a possible career change

Will he still be thinking about a change career in 2, 5 or 10 years time?  Is this how he wants to spend his time or is his life now slipping away?  If this relates to you, think of the consequences of feeling this way for a further 5 years.

2.     Accept that establishing certainty may be a long wait and make the decision to go for it

What happens how?  Having found an area he would like to work in, Jack starts making progress in finding the best job for him and moves forward into his future.  

Think about it - what’s the worst that can happen? If you decide to take this option and it doesn’t quite work out, learn from the experience and move on to the next step.  You will be better for it and you will be moving forward. 

Jack eventually made the decision to take option 2.  He stepped out of his comfort zone and moved from his current role into a role within his area of interest.  He is spending the next 2 years formulating his ideal career path and learning from the different experiences he encounters.  He decided that now was a good time to make the decision and is feeling a lot better for it.

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