Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How is your work-life balance?

‘A work-life balance is a situation in which you are able to give the right amount of time and effort to your work and to your personal life, for example to your family or to other interests.’

Many of us have just enjoyed two consecutive four-day weekends.  Two four-day working weeks with a 3-day week in between - fantastic!  The weather has been great and there have been celebrations for the Royal Wedding and barbeques in the sun.  Many of us have also taken advantage of being able to take 3 days annual leave to get 11 days holiday or even taken 11 days annual leave to get 23 days holiday.  Suddenly this work-life balance isn’t so bad after all!  Until...’s back to reality. 

Over the years, our work-life balance has attracted increasing attention.  Individuals are realising that they are giving a lot of their time and energy to work but are dissatisfied with the amount of time, energy and attention they are giving other areas of their life such as family, friends, interests, relaxation and fitness. 

What is the reason for this?

Perhaps it’s the importance individuals place on their career together with the pressure to find a job and discover a good career path.  Perhaps it’s the demands employers place on their employees or a lack of flexible working in the work place.  

Whatever the reason, the consequences will be similar for all.  Failing to achieve a work-life balance can result in less productivity at work, increased stress levels and a feeling of being unfulfilled in and out of work. 

How motivated do you feel now?  Is it time to review your work-life balance?

Finding the best work-life balance for you can enable you to achieve enjoyment and fulfilment at home and at work.  It involves taking control and striking a balance between your needs at work and your needs in your personal life.  You may wish to pursue a career change, become an entrepreneur or make some alterations to your working day.   There are many ways to achieve a work-life balance.

To enhance your quality of life and to find out more click here for some further tips on achieving a work-life balance.

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