Monday, 23 May 2011

Career Advice vs. Career Coaching

It is essential to recognise the difference between career advice and career coaching.  Career coaching is the lesser known term and is about helping individuals to change and achieve results in the way they want to in their careers.

It is easy to confuse career advice with career coaching. 

We all know what career advice is and many of us would have had exposure to a career adviser at school, college or university.  The career adviser would provide information on career options available and on how to qualify or get a job in those careers.  

A career coach takes a different approach to a career adviser. Although they work with similar people such as those wanting to progress in their career, find a new job or change career, career coaches do not give advice.  Instead, career coaches help to facilitate an individual’s thought process and suggest options to help them improve their situation by creating new possibilities and opportunities. 

Career coaches also go a step further and help individual’s to eliminate issues of procrastination, fear and negativity to help them achieve a fulfilling career.

The benefits of career coaching....

Some of the benefits of career coaching include finding the job or career best suited to your personality, discovering methods to resolve challenges at work and enabling career progression more quickly and easily than doing it alone.  

A further benefit of career coaching is that it does not look at an individual’s career in isolation.  The coach will ensure that all areas of an individual’s life are taken into account when a decision is being made.  Have a think about the times when your personal life has affected your working life or vice versa.  They of course do overlap and so the work-life balance must be considered.

Individuals are far more committed to actions or decisions they have made  themselves, as opposed to a decision someone has made for them or advised them to take, and this is what career coaching is all about.  So, if you are thinking of a career change, looking for a new job or struggling with your performance at work, coaching can help you put the control back into your career.

Require more information on career coaching?  Have a look at the factsheets within the ‘coaching’ section here.

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