Tuesday, 4 January 2011

It’s 2011! Conquer that ‘Sunday evening feeling’ now!

Did you know that only a minority of us keep our New Year’s resolutions?

When clients identify a goal, I always ask them how much they want to achieve it on a scale of 1 to 10; 10 being that they really want to achieve it.  If my client gives a score of less than 8, they have some doubt about achieving their goal which will prevent them from sustaining the motivation required to succeed.  Individuals will only achieve the goals they really want to achieve.

If your New Year’s resolution is to find a fulfilling and rewarding career, ask yourself the same question.  How motivated are you in achieving it?  If you are hesitating or give a score of less than 8, let’s see what happens as you take a step forward into your future.

It is now Sunday 4th December 2011...

You have not achieved your New Year’s resolution to find a fulfilling and rewarding career and still feel unsatisfied with your working life.  Monday morning is looking bleak and your stress levels are rising.  You phone a friend and tell them about your dislike for Sunday evenings.  In fact, you feel worse than you did in January 2011 and wonder what effect this will have on your life in 2012.  Are you wasting valuable time?

Pause for a moment and now replay Sunday 4th December 2011.  This time something different has happened...

Congratulations! You have achieved your New Year’s resolution and found a fulfilling and rewarding career.  The future is looking bright and you feel fantastic.  You have had a relaxing day out with friends and told them about the exciting things you have on at work this week.  You are happily preparing yourself for Monday morning and are setting yourself some exciting goals for 2012!  Think what you can achieve now!

Pause again and then step back to the present day...

How motivated are you now?  If you have reached 9 or 10 on the scale, keep going and have a read of my top tips to help you take the next step!  (Another article for lawyers but again don’t let that put you off - it can relate to everyone!) 

Wishing you every success in achieving a great career in 2011 and a very happy New Year!

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