Monday, 10 January 2011

How do you choose the right career?

Choosing the right career can seem daunting.  Where do you start?  Who do you talk to?

In my first blog I wrote about my life story and the journey I took to find a career that is really me and is what I want to do.  I also mentioned in the blog that this journey took a lot of thinking time, perseverance, research and planning but what does this all mean exactly?  How did I choose the right career for me? 

To help answer this question, I have summarised the process I took in three simple steps:

1.     Self Awareness – How well do you know yourself?  I spent time with a trusted individual who could be objective and help me to discover the kind of career that would best suit my personality, skills and expertise.  As a result, I was able to fully imagine my ideal career.  This was a fantastic starting point and gave me an exciting outcome to work towards.

2.     Research and Networking – Can a job description alone tell you if you are suited to a role?  I researched and spoke to people about the different roles available in the areas I was interested in.  Networking is a great way to identify and explore career possibilities and opportunities from different perspectives as well as to maintain momentum in your search.  It gave me the opportunity to match my ideal job to specific roles.

3.     Decision Making and Planning – Has procrastination ever given you the result you wanted?  Having identified what I wanted to do, I made the final decision to set up my own business, formulate an action plan and deliver it!  To get what I wanted I had to now step out of my comfort zone and do something about it.  This was hard work but worth it!

The only prerequisite for the three steps is to take ownership of your career.  After much thought, I recognised that finding and pursuing the career of my dreams was my sole responsibility.  I had to put time and effort into it otherwise I would be waiting a long time for the answer.  My family and friends were not going to find it for me nor were my colleagues.  It was my career and my responsibility to make it a good one!  

These steps are tried and tested by me.  I know they can work which is why they have become the foundation for some of my career coaching programmes!

Take ownership of your career now!

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