Monday, 31 January 2011

A great way to enjoy building greater business and career opportunities

Are you someone who walks away from a networking event with 20 random business cards or 5 really useful business cards? 

One of the most powerful and effective ways to create business opportunities is through networking.   Networking enables you to increase the number of people you know who can be of assistance to you in your work and career.  The key is to ensure you meet the right people and to do this, simply follow these easy steps:

1.     Prior to the event, create a list of the type of professionals who would be most useful to you and those who can potentially make introductions to those professionals.   For example, if financial advisers are on your useful list, you may also want to include accountants as they may be able to make introductions for you.

2.     Review the event guest list and identify those people who fall within the categories you have listed in 1 above.  (If your useful professionals are not going to be at the event then go to an event where they will be!)

3.     Attend the event and go in search of your key people.  Now that you have clearly identified who you should be approaching, you will increase your chances of meeting that person.  Have you ever bought a new gadget and then noticed how many other people have it?  It is just the same!  Once you start looking for financial advisers, they will start appearing!

When you follow these easy steps, you will get more enjoyment in networking as you increase your chances of meeting the right people and build greater career and business opportunities.

Go for quality, not quantity, and have fun!

More networking tips to follow...In the meantime, I can highly recommend purchasing The Jelly Effect by Andy Bounds.  This book is about how to make your communication stick and describes these networking techniques brilliantly!

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