Tuesday, 21 December 2010

What do you want for Christmas?

After a bad day at work, do you find yourself listing all the things you are not happy with and do not want your career to include?  We’ve all been there!

When things aren’t going well, many of us find ourselves focusing on what is wrong and what we don’t want rather than what we have and what we want.  We don’t want a boring job.  We don’t want a long commute.  We don’t feel valued or appreciated.  If this sounds familiar, you are not alone but what does this achieve?  

Have a think about what would happen if you gave Father Christmas a list of things you don’t like or don’t want for Christmas!  Will your stocking be empty?  You will certainly be in less control of receiving what you want.

Treat your career in the same way as you treat Christmas!  To increase your chances of pursuing a fulfilling career have a think about what you like and what you want, not what you don’t want.  What do you like about your current job?  What do you want from your next job?  How short do you want your commute to be?  How do you want to feel on a Sunday evening? 

To help you on your way, answer the following questions as you reflect on 2010 and move forward into 2011: 

·         What is your biggest achievement of 2010?
·         How did you celebrate? (If you didn’t, make plans to celebrate now!)
·         What did you most enjoy in 2010?
·         What are you most grateful for?
·         What do you want to achieve in 2011?

What is it like to now be opening a full stocking of presents on Christmas Day?!   

Have a fantastic Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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